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What do you need to learn how to play the piano?

The will to learn, a piano and of course a qualified and enthusiastic teacher. You are in the right place for that!

I offer private piano lessons to children and adults on beautiful grand piano.

What are the advantages in comparison to music schools?

I offer flexible teaching hours. Perhaps your child is especially talented – then I would recommend a lesson twice a week. Are you an adult who once had lessons as a child and would like to refresh your capabilities. All you need is a bit of courage. Or perhaps you are an adult and always dreamed of taking piano lessons. You can learn to play the piano no matter how old you are. Music keeps your mind young.

It has been scientifically proved that children who play an instrument have greater self-esteem, are more perceptive, have better concentration skills and have the advantage of enjoying a balanced and relaxing hobby.

Patricia von Blumröder